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Text 1.

Extract from
Intercultural Teaching and Learning: English as a foreign language education in Finland and Japan.
By M. Garant
Jyväskylä Studies in Communication 8. University of Jyväskylä, 1997.

Culture can be defined as the 'human part' of the environment (Herskowits 1955, Triandis 1994). About for years a, Lado (1957) prese the argu that peo understand thi differently bec their hu environment trai them, fr the ti they a born, t screen infor based o their cul. He fur suggested th an unders of tho cultural fac is benef to a understanding o teaching a learning lang. Culture do not exi without commun; the stu of the two must therefore be integrally related. Culture has also been related to the concept of ecology which consists of those relationships which living things have with their physical environment. In a cultural sense, this term refers to the idea that human environments are essential for the development of human cultures; cultures which have not developed in the same ecology are different.

Text 2.

Extract from
By Barry McCaffrey
Global Issues
USIA Electronic Journal, Vol. 2, No. 3, June 1997

As a nation we have made enormous progress in our efforts to reduce drug use and its consequences. Our dive drug preve and educ campaigns ha been succe. While America's ille drug prob remains seri, it do not appr the emerg situation o the la 1970s, wh drug abu skyrocketed, o the coca epidemic i the 1980s.

The is n question th effective treat programs c put peo in position wh they d not suf from addi any lon, where they are not involved in street crime, where they are less likely to be a victim of AIDS. We can intervene successfully in these situations. And that's the kind of thing we're trying to organize.

Text 3.

Extract from a Green Paper entitled
United Kingdom Department for Education and Employment

Our aim is to develop an education system which achieves consistently high standards for all children, seeks constant improvement and takes change in its stride. To achi this w need t recognise t key ro of teac in rais standards; ens we ha excellent leade in ev school; a exploit tho opportunities f new appro to instructi and lear which ext staff toge with Infor and Commun Technology mak possible. I is al important th we cre a cul in wh all sta benefit fr good quality training and development throughout their careers so they can adopt proven best practice, promote innovation and manage change. Finally, we want to attract good teachers and a greater share of able and talented graduates into the profession by improving the esteem of the teaching profession in the eyes of the community.