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You can request the compilation of a study module when you have completed all the courses it includes, the courses have been entered into the University of Helsinki’s student information system, and you intend to, for example, apply to study at another university/higher education institution.

The average processing time for a request to compile a study module is four weeks. During the summer, the process may take longer. You will receive a notification via email once the compilation is complete.

Please note that once the study module has been compiled, it can no longer be taken apart into separate courses.

Please fill in all fields on the form. Thank you!

Name of study module and number of credits (e.g., Computer science 25 cr):

Organizer of the studies (e.g., open university, Finnish Adult Education Centre of the City of Helsinki, etc.):


Email (only one address):

Date of birth ( or student number:

Date of completion of the last course (

Courses to be included in the study module:

Further information (not compulsory):