Title page for an assignment or written work
Title page (PDF) - Print and complete
Please include a title page for all assignments or written work submitted to either the teacher or the Student Services.

Registration of basic and intermediate modules
Once all the courses included in a module are completed, you can request that it be registered.

Official transcripts of studies
Transcripts from the Student Register are official documents and serve as certificates of completed studies.
Should you need a separate accompanying letter to the transcript of studies (e.g. for your employer), you may request one from your discipline-specific student affairs secretary. The accompanying letter does not specify the individual courses included in the module.
More information.

Personal details
You can update your contact details on the My pages section of the web service. Your information will be automatically updated on all web-based forms you use in the future as well as in the Oodi student register.
Why and how to update name changes?

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