Why do I study?

Studying at the Open University. Photo: Linda Tammisto.

“What kinds of people are suited to studying at the Open University?
- In short, everyone; you only need to figure out your own goals for studying.”

Everyone has his or her own motives and goals for studying

All reasons for studying at the Open University are equally valid. One’s goals may change as studies progress and more courses are completed.

One motive for studying can be the sheer enjoyment of learning as a hobby. Or you might wish to study to improve your professional skills. Studies at the Open University provide a scientific background to societal and current phenomena. Studying can be an opportunity to meet other people interested in the same subjects or in studying in general.

Why study? There are many answers to this question.

Different study motives

Studying as a part of life

  • What does studying at the Open University mean for the student?
  • How does studying become a part of life?
  • Will the goals, dreams and expectations placed on studying ever be realised?

As a mature student, you must fit studying in with the rest of your life. Combining work, family, hobbies and studying can seem like a challenge. Other students are also experiencing these same challenges and problems. Carefully planning your studies, time management and recognising your style of learning make studying easier. The joy of learning and the sense of accomplishment from reaching your goals will motivate you to keep studying.


Quote from the short film Pääosassa opiskelija (Starring: The Student). Descriptions of student types are based on the work Avoimen yliopiston opiskelija: kokovartalokuvasta eriytyneisiin muotokuviin (“Student at the Open University: From Overview to Individual Portraits”, Risto Rinne et al. 2003).

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