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Contemporary political developments in Ukraine

Contemporary political developments in Ukraine. Course begins in October 28th 2014.The course "Between East and West: Ukrainian nation and state from Perestroika to Euromaidan and present day" will be covering very topical issues and it will be held in co-operation with Aleksanteri Institute starting on October 28th. The language of instruction is English.

During the course students will be introduced to a variety of scholarly writing on Ukraine and discussion on key aspects in Ukraine's politics. The course covers political and cultural developments in Ukraine from Perestroika to the Euromaidan mass protests and present day. The topics of lectures also cover such themes as political parties in Ukraine, political system, role of civil society, ethnic processes and regional issues in contemporary Ukraine. This course will also examine aspects of Ukraine's foreign policies and international relations.

Registration for the course begins on 19.8.2014 at 10.00.

More information and registration for course in the study programmes:

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